Sunday, February 08, 2009

Phoenix Light Rail Will Follow Dallas Success

As you know, I live in the heart of Downtown Phoenix at the Lofts at Fillmore. It is 1/2 block from our new light rail and it has been such a thrill to see it replace my car. I certainly didn't expect that - thought it would be just a novelty item rather than a way of life for me.

The unfolding of the Phoenix light rail is similar to what happened in Dallas, my hometown. Dallasites fought it all the way, saying it was a boondoogle. Today, the light rail is essential to Dallas, everyone loves it. As the light rail spreads throughout the Phoenix metroplex, as it did in Dallas, the naysayers will fade away and the negative rhetoric will change here. They, too, will expand their horizons by joining us, leaving their cars in their garages.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

What Makes Living in Dowtown Phoenix So Exciting?

I have been living in Downtown Phoenix for a few years now and I am constantly amazed how it makes me feel so alive. I wish I could put my finger on why. Do you guys have any thoughts on this? Does urban living FEEL different from suburban living to you?

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Downtown Phoenix Public Market Just Keeps Gettin' Better

All of us downtowners love walking to the Public Market every Saturday morning. Fresh produce, live entertainment, yummy things to eat and buy. But it's getting even better! By October, the market plans to open a shop in the building next door at 14 E. Pierce. They will sell fresh produce and other locally grown items 6 days a week. It's also rumored that the outdoor Public Market will be open on Wednesday nights starting this fall.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hanny's to Be A Trendy Restaurant

The Hanny's Building at First Street and Adams was built in 1947 by Vic Hanny, a local businessman. This "Distinquished Store for Men and Woman," a clothing store, brought the International/Moderate Style influence to Phoenix and sparked a major face lift in the downtown area. Now it is getting its own much needed face lift. Boarded up since 1983, this historic building is being renovated by Karl Knopp, the businessman behind Scottsdale hotspot AZ88, as well as restaurants in New York's Soho neighbhorhood. Hanny's will reopen its doors as a trendy restaurant, hopefully by December 2007. Can't wait...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Trees in the Heart of Downtown Phoenix!

Last week, the master plan for the Civic Space at Fillmore and Central Ave was approved. We will have green spaces, trees, water features, and artwork. They will break ground in August and it should be completed by November 2008. Check it out!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Chez Nous is Moving Downtown

Chez Nous, a popular nightspot at 7th Avenue and Indian School Road, will be moving downtown to an undisclosed location (Central Aveue and Roosevelt?). The bar opened in 1963 and was a popular venue for jazz and blues artists. Featured in such publications as Rolling Stone, Details, Chicago Tribune and Elle, this cocktail lounge, with a distinct Rat-Pack ambience, also was the Hollywood set of the new movie, The Kingdom. The owner plans to recreate the bar, down to the red velvet wallpaper.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

SoBo - Sophisticated Bohemian

Avenue Communities has coined a new phrase - SoBo. This stands for Sophisticated Bohemian. Historic brick buildings, modern glass condos, locally-owned boutiques, wine bars and European themed restaurants. Sounds like Downtown Phoenix to me...

Jackson Street Entertainment District

I am looking forward to Jackson Street Entertainment District. Housed between Central and 4th Street in Downtown Phoenix, this pedestrian friendly area reminds me somewhat of the Warehouse District in Dallas, my home town. Lots of live music, funky retail...